Large gas storage volumes to make biogas plants flexible for on-demand power production.


Over the last two decades, Tecon has built up in-depth technical expertise in double membrane gas storage systems with large storage capacities. More than 15 years ago we started building gasholders with over 10,000 m³ storage volume. Great importance is assigned to a standard-compliant and structurally sound design. In recent years, we have been able to apply this know-how in Germany to the necessary enlargement of gas storage capacities as part of the flexibilization of biogas plants.

The largest storage facility we have implemented reaches a volume of 44,000 m³. Our solutions are customized to the requirements of the respective biogas plant: as semi-spheres, three-quarter spheres, or rectangular gasholders stand-alone on the ground or mounted on top of a digester. The large-volume flexibility gasholders can also be designed cost-efficiently as a combination of raw gas and clean gas storage tanks.

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