Covers in various designs to minimize emissions.


The Tecon Pneumatic Cover is a single membrane system. An air support blower provides the statically required pressure so that the single membrane can absorb snow and wind loads. The air, and thus odor is discharged in a controlled manner at a central point. In this way, the air can easily be fed to a filtration system. Pneumatic Covers are suitable for large tanks with high wind and snow loads and can be upgraded to a TECON Top-Mounted Double Membrane Gasholder, if required.


The Floating Cover avoids the risks of conventional lagoon covers such as the formation of water pockets, minimal mixing possibilities, low safety levels or a large surface for wind to attack. The floating cover can be gas-tight or an open cover to reduce odor. Optional insulation of the floating cover is possible. Service and maintenance of mixers and pumps are possible at any time via service openings during operation and without gas losses.


The Tecon Central Mast Cover is a single membrane cover with a telescopic mast in the center. The telescopic mast is extended to provide the necessary pre-tensioning of the specially designed membrane so that it can absorb snow and wind loads. The Central Mast Cover prevents rainwater penetration and is an optimal solution for reducing emissions. It is equipped with openings to protect against overpressure and is therefore not gas tight. Central Mast Covers can be equipped with maintenance openings for inspection work and for mixers.

Von Tecon entwickelte Abdeckung für Gasspeicher für Biogas
Von Tecon entwickelte Abdeckung für Gasspeicher für Biogas


These solutions are used to cover lagoons and store biogas on lagoons. Here we supply the complete system consisting of the lagoon sealing, a Pneumatic Cover or alternatively a Double Membrane Gasholder. If required, these systems can be equipped with belt support constructions that prevent damage to the membranes by mixers.

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